Jeevanandham far more stable

Jeevanandham (8 years) is a playful and naughty boy. He does funny things and can sometimes make problems for himself. Sometimes it’s very difficult to correct him. His naughty and sometimes rebellious behavior can be explained because of the traumatic youth he has had. Jevanandham never knew his father and his mother couldn’t care for him alone. She often locked her son in a dark room the whole day while she went to work. When he was released from this room his behavior was very strange and according to his mother he was unmanageable. Finally, he was admitted to the psychiatric department in the hospital. It was clear that the situation at home was unbearable, so when he was released from hospital, he came to stay with us. Since then his behavior has improved and he is far more stable. Yet he is really traumatized and sometimes this still shows in his wanton behavior.