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Arjuna brengt Velu en Angeli naar school - Stichting Isai Ma(i)yam
School (2)

School life in Pondicherry

Most of our children go to the same school, which...

Strong Sedan

Sedan (9 years) is a real athlete – he can...
Ashok met Antony

Ashok with Antony

Life was not easy for Ashok before he came here....

Sunil is teething

Contrary to his brother Raghul, Sunil’s (8 years) personality is...

Hari together with his younger brother

Hari (12 years) has already been living with us for...
Barathi (3)

Jayabarathi practicing dancing steps

Jayabarathi (9 years) is always enthusiastic and happy. Her best...
Siva Sankari

Siva Sankari a cheerful girl

Siva Sankari (9 years) has nine sisters, she herself is...
usha en sharmila

The sisters Sharmila and Usha

Usha (9 years) is a lively lady, she can defend...
Saran, Padman, Pogalbhendi

Saran, Padman and Pogarbendhi enjoy the sun on the roof

This is the roof of the boy’s apartment in the...