Mission and Vision

The Tamil name ‘Isai Maiyam means ‘centre of music’, and our organisation is
geared towards educational development in the villages in and around Pondicherry.

“We envision that village children in and around Pondicherry have access to various
forms of Art and the opportunity to develop conversational English and computer

Problem statement

In the villages around Pondicherry, due to extensive alcohol abuse by the male
population -triggered by financial, family, marriage, religion or other social
problems- many families still live on subsistence level.
Ill-fated circumstances may cause trauma, disharmony and broken-up households. 
Because of this, children may early in life loose a parent, are traumatized, and
don’t get the attention they need.

Aims & Objectives of future Project

-General skill development for under-privileged children in the villages around in
and around Pondicherry
-Providing a basic foundation for future employment opportunities
-Preparing young minds towards future schooling and higher studies
-Introducing village children to certain arts which they normally may not get to
-Providing shelter for very poor and traumatic children.
-Providing day care for disabled children and adults.

Future activities Isai Maiyam

-Computer classes (typing and word, power point, excel, photoshop etc.)
-Mathematics classes
-English conversation classes
-Bharata Natyam (classical) and folk dance classes (girls)
-Street dance classes (boys)
-Music classes (guitar and keyboard/piano)
-Supporting higher studies for youth
-Support school homework classes to village children
-Activities in handicraft such as gardening and tailoring (handicap school)
-In holiday summer educational tour
-Giving shelter for needed girls
-Giving day care activities for handicap children and adults
Some facts and observations
-Science tells us that if children have a good skill of memorizing things and do that
in combination with their physical body (like through music and dance), they can
memorize much faster and keep the memory much longer. 
-The idea behind the computer course is to provide them with practical skills which
can be useful for their future schooling and studies.
-In regular secondary schools in Tamil Nadu, English conversation classes are
missing (reading and writing are taught without practicing the language). We hope
to contribute something which is useful for their higher studies and communicating
in general.