Manimegalai has flourished since she came here

Manimegalai (10 years) is an independent girl who knows what she wants. She is very smart en gets good grades at school. While playing you can see how smart she is. If tactics are used, she figures it out pretty quickly and she often wins. Sometimes she wants to make someone else happy and consciously lets the other win. Manimegalai is not just smart, but she’s also a good dancer and often joins performances with Gayathri. Manimegalai has flourished since she came here, but in the beginning she cried a lot and could react strongly to small things. She was very protective of her elder brother Mani, if something happened to him she would cry as well. It hasn’t been easy for Mani and Manimegalai, as their father left with another woman. Their mother had never finished school and couldn’t earn enough money. Mani had to work from the age of four to help the family, he had to wash cars. The neighbor advised the family to let the children live in a shelter and since then they have been living with us. They still have contact with their mother and are always very glad to see her when she visits.