The Isai Ma(i)yam Foundation is a small Dutch private development organization.

We give shelter to fourty (orphaned) children and youngsters in the Southeastern Indian city of Pondicherry and help them to get a opportunistic future. The children live with us permanently in a safe, caring and loving environment.

Additionally we supply day care for physically and mentally disabled children and young adults five days a week.

The name Isai Ma(i)yam means ‘centre of music’ in the Tamil language. This name shows that music is an important means to reach our goals. We teach music, singing and dancing to all of our children as well as to the village children from the surrounding villages.

Regulations of The Isai Ma(i)yam Foundation (Dutch)

Managing Trustees, Isai Ma(i)yam

Board Foundation Isai Ma(i)yam the Netherlands

Willem Jan van Andel

Wijn en Stael Advocaten, Utrecht

Willem Jan van Andel Lawyer and partner at 'Wijn en Stael Advocaten', father of three children

Managing trustees Isai Ma(i)yam Trust India

Mr. M. Ganesan – managing trustee Isai Ma(i)yam India

Mr. M. Ganesan

Manager/owner manufactury artistic leather work, father of two daughters, Isai Ma(i)yam, India

Ivar Jenten, the founder of the Isai Ma(i)yam trust, came across my life in 1980. Mister Ivar attracted in many ways because he was helping the needy people by giving them good education and music lessons along with providing hygienic snacks. As well as employment, especially to the poor people. He also made them aware of the dangers of alcoholism.

All his activities encouraged me to work for the poor and needy people.

So since I started my own workshop in 1991 in manufacturing artistic leather work, I was able to settle down with my wife and two daughters and have a good life. That’s why I can give my free time to the Isai Ma(i)yam Trust.

I am happy to work for this good cause. My attitude is nothing is impossible, everything is possible.

Saga Devan – managing trustee Isai Ma(i)yam India

Saga Devan

Manager, Music teacher Gyatri Art School, Isai Ma(i)yam, India

I am the manager of our Gyatri Art School and I teach guitar.

As a teenager I came to the Isai Ma(i)yam Trust in 2004. Soon I started helping out with the younger children. Within a few months I  found myself playing music with Brigitte and Ivar. To make music with them made me so happy, so I started to teach music to the children in the Art School.

Later I founded our Isai Ma(i)yam Music Band. We play traditional Indian music and Bollywood songs, as well as popular western music. As I wanted to do more for our project, I recently became a trustee.
With this responsibility, I am sure I can support the children and other people who need help.

I am happy with our team and will give all the energy I have to our wonderful project to make it a success.