Our mission and purpose

The Isai Ma(i)yam Foundation wants to drastically improve the living conditions of these children and youngsters. Before they came to us, they lived in endless poverty. Often they weren’t educated, had been forced to work, had insufficient food to eat and were sometimes roaming the streets. Often one or both parents is missing and their situation at home is unsafe because of abuse (alcohol or drug abuse) or other problems. Some children cope with severe trauma, like the loss of the mother who set herself on fire. A few saw this act of desperation happen before their own eyes.

We don’t leave these children to their own fate. Therefore, we create healthy and vital living surroundings in which they ‘heal’ each other and learn to take responsibility for themselves and others. In this way they can eventually support and look after themselves. We hope that with the knowledge and skills they learned, they can be of support for their close family members, neighbors, and others. 

Who is helping us

You might also have heard about the public benefit organization ‘Care4Needs’ who wants to help the Isai Ma(i)yam Foundation with making a difference. It is their mission to show the world these good and social projects and their needs. Care4Needs wants to care for and support the needs together with you. This care and support could be in terms of a higher level of awareness and donations connecting volunteers or organizations to the projects Care4Needs visited and any form of support a foundation like Isai Ma(i)yam needs.
Care4Needs wants to give you an impression of Isai Ma(i)yam Foundation, their daily activities and the environment through informative video’s and their experiences during their stay with the Children in India. These video’s will be shared via Care4Needs website. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and Social media channels, like Facebook..