The three sisters Karthika, Naveena and Niranjini

Karthika (12 years) is a real dear, she wouldn’t even hurt a fly. She lives with us and her elder and younger sister. The sisters take good care of each other, at night they like to sleep close to each other. Karthika is a quiet girl, but always happy. She gets along well with the other girls who live with us, especially Sharmila who is a good friend.

Naveena (14 years) is good friends with other girls of her age (Saranya, Gandhimathy, Raji and Ranjeetha). She would love to stay with her friends the whole day. Studying isn’t that important to her, contrary to dancing which she really likes.

Everywhere you go you see Niranjini (8 years), she a very cheerful girl and likes to be in the picture. She prefers playing and dancing the whole day with the other girls. She is active and happy and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her best friend is Jayabarathi, and together they have lots of fun. They love to dance together and practice the steps they were taught.