The girlfriends Ranjeetha and Saranya

Ranjeetha (14 years) is a very serious and inquisitive girl. She loves learning and will keep questioning you during homework period. She loves learning English and reading English books. She has a friendly character and is very adult for her age. She is conscious of the fact that if she studies hard, she has better chances at a stable job later on. Therefore she studies very hard and is very disciplined. She also loves to draw and together with Gnahimathy she plays the violin. Sometimes Ranjeetha can feel lonesome, because both her parents have died and nobody ever comes to visit her at the orphanage. Luckily she says she feels at home with us and is good friends with Gandhimathy, Saranya, Raji and Naveena.

Saranya (14 years) is almost the opposite of Ranjeetha, but the girls like each other’s company. Saranya likes being the centre of attention, she is very extroverted. She has a very social character and easily makes contact with other people. When Saranya is there, it is always nice and there is always something happening. She can draw all the attention to herself and therefore can be a bit dominant. She loves dancing and talking with her friends. She isn’t very serious and would rather take her time doing the fun things in life rather than learning at school.