Ook het dak van het Art House wordt onder handen genomen. Een aantal jongeren helpt mee.

The Gaya House is finished

In 2010 we started building the Gaya House with the financial help of our founder Ivar Jenten. Except for some sanitary modifications the house is finished. Since last summer our children stay at the Gaya House every weekend. This residence is across from the Gayatri Art House where the children are taught dancing and music. The Gaya House has twelve rooms. Our children prefer sleeping with many together in one room, so we can give shelter to plenty.


We have also arranged a playroom. It is good for the development of the children to have a separate room with games, toys… and drawing stuff. We made a blackboard on a wall with blackboard paint. The children visibly enjoy this. We will be making a wall painting with a typical Indian motive together with the children. On the other walls we put a big mirror so the children can practice their dancing steps. In India it isn’t common to have a playroom, because the emphasis is on studying and not playing. But we notice that the children appreciate it. Children from neighboring poor villages (who also go to music classes) come here to play as well.