Siva Sankari a cheerful girl

Siva Sankari (9 years) has nine sisters, she herself is the youngest in the family. She lives with us together with her sisters Raji and Arasakumari. In India a daughter can be a big financial burden for parents, because they have to pay a marriage dowry for her when she gets married. So therefore ten daughters is not desirable. The girl’s mother has died and their father doesn’t support his daughters. One of her sisters has already passed away, four sisters are married, two sisters have a job. Raji, Arasakumari and Siva Sankari are still at school and living with us. The elder sisters can hardly support themselves and so cannot take care of their younger sisters. All three girls are very cheerful. Raji (17 years) is very adult and at the same time very social. Arasakumari (11 years) can be a little impatient, but she is very affectionate and laughs a lot. Siva Sankari is a happy, cheerful girl who loves to cuddle and play.