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Karthika, Naveena, Niranjini

The three sisters Karthika, Naveena and Niranjini

Karthika (12 years) is a real dear, she wouldn’t even...
Jayguru en athan
De bus
De voorbereiding van het eten

The preparation of our dinner

We have employed four people to prepare the food for...

Manimegalai has flourished since she came here

Manimegalai (10 years) is an independent girl who knows what...

Jeevanandham far more stable

Jeevanandham (8 years) is a playful and naughty boy. He...

Satish becoming less insecure

Satish is a very sweet, but also very vulnerable boy....
Ranjeetha en Saranya

The girlfriends Ranjeetha and Saranya

Ranjeetha (14 years) is a very serious and inquisitive girl....
Govindasamy in de zee

Govindsamy in the sea

In the summer the children enjoy going to the beach....
Kindertehuis in Pondicherry

The children’s home in Pondicherry

This is where our children live. The left building is...