Music, singing and dancing lessons

Music, singing and dancing lessons

Isai Ma(i)yam means ‘Centre of music’. Through music, singing, dancing, and (illustrative) art we help our children regain fun in their lives and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. Being busy in a creative way helps the children to express themselves in a better way and stimulates unity. Music and dance are a fine way of getting positive energy and forget problems or bad memories for a while.

Gayatri Art School

For this reason the children go to the village Alankupam, near Auroville, every weekend and during holidays. Here we also teach music, singing and dancing on a weekly basis to about seventy children from the villages in the vicinity. The children play Carnatic (traditional Indian music) on instruments applied for this style. Many of our girls learn Nautch Barata Natyam, a traditional dance in India.

Isai Ma(i)yam Music Band

In May 2009 the Isai Ma(i)yam Music Band was founded. All musicians are youngsters from our community of villages in the vicinity. They receive our financial support for getting a music or dance education. The band often plays at (wedding) ceremonies and parties, together with our dancers. With this they earn their own income. Furthermore they participate in music lessons for a group four times a week.