Jayabarathi practicing dancing steps

Jayabarathi (9 years) is always enthusiastic and happy. Her best friend is Niranjini and together they have great fun. Most of all they love to dance together, practicing dancing steps they just learned in class. Jayabarathi is a very innocent and sweet girl, she likes to come to you to play or cuddle. Concentrating is difficult for her, especially when doing homework. She is easily distracted and would rather use her time to dance or play. It is especially difficult for her at school, because like her little brother Jayaguru she hasn’t been to school for a while. Jayabarathi and Jayaguru’s mother ran away with another man and their father placed his children with their grandmother. They were well looked after, but hardly went to school for eight months. Since they live with us their grandmother comes to visit often and their father also visits from time to time.