Govindsamy in the sea

In the summer the children enjoy going to the beach. Pondicherry is on the coast, so the beach isn’t far away. In this picture you can see Govindasamy (13 years), and together with his two sisters Gayathri and Pauli they live with us. Govindsamy is a very social boy, he easily makes friends and always creates a good ambiance quickly. He bonds quickly to people whom he cares for. Sometimes this can make him emotional when these people get angry at him or disappoint him. But he always gets a grip on himself quickly and then again he is the pleasant, social Govindsamy. Besides social he is also disciplined and talented. He is good at drawing and dancing and not too long ago he has started playing the violin. His parents are divorced and his father is not around any more. The mother was often ill, so there was nobody to take good care of the children. Contrary to his sisters Govindsamy seemed to have no problem moving to Isai Ma(i)yam and from the beginning he was very active and happy. Meanwhile his sisters have adjusted to the new situation too and have flourished completely.