Ananda Day care of handicapped children

Day care of handicapped children

Five times a week a group of more than twenty mentally and/or physically disabled children and young adults come to Isai Ma(i)yam. In the village Trichitambalam (between Pondicherry and Auroville) we have modified a former clinic into a day care: Ananda Day Care.

Two young adults who grew up in our children’s home and completed the music education, are the daily supervisors and take care of the daily program with music and creative workshops. They are supported by two Indian social security women who have the required experience.

The handicapped children do physiotherapeutic exercises, yoga, dance, educational games, reading and writing exercises, if possible, and they get a warm meal. They are being picked up in the morning and brought back home in the afternoon by our bus, that has been especially modified to be able to transport these children.

The children have a safe home. They go to school and have music, singing and dancing lessons.