Jerolin en Jayramanan

Brother Jayaraman and sister Jerolin

Jayaraman (17 years) and Jerolin (6 years) are two hands on one belly. Jayaraman is very caring for his little sister and Jerolin loves to be with her big brother. In 2011 Jayaraman and Jerolin’s mother committed suicide. The father was away working a lot and didn’t have much time to take care of the young Jerolin. Jayaraman took it upon himself to take care of his sister, but soon his grades started dropping. In Isai Ma(i)yam Jayaraman is also taking good care of Jerolin, he is a helpful boy who also takes on other tasks. But now he has much more time to concentrate on school. Lately Jerolin has started going to school and she is very intelligent for her age. She understands things quickly, she is very inquisitive, and loves learning new things. At her young age she already has many talents, and can dance and sing well. And just like other six year old children she loves playing. She fantasizes a lot and can keep herself busy, but she also loves to involve other girls in her playing. Brother and sister still have good contact with their father who comes to visit his children regularly.